Jar Jewels by KEZA are Ready to Order!
Jar Jewels are a series of homemade organic pastes ready to use with little preparation by you. We have done most of the hard grind for you so that all you need to add is a small amount of love! And then, voila! You can treat yourselves to healthy, hearty meals that satisfy your soul.

They're "jewels" in a jar because we use nothing but local, fresh, sustainable, organic, GMO free and ethical produce. Just what you need for healthy, sustainable living!

And to add some warmth and spice on top, we want you to know that we support needy women with our proceeds. Your orders will fill your tummy and help us grow a for-profit with an embedded good cause. Note that in order to source delicious, healthy produce and to make sure precious food isn't wasted, we ask for advance payment on all orders.

Give your self the gift of a jar jewel!
(add a message in special request if it's a gift for someone!)

Sending Lots of love, light and good food!


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